Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filter

Safe, Clean And Healthy Drinking Water

Clean, safe and healthy water. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, every one can have their own “Miracle Water” supply at home.With the Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System, safe, clean and healthy hydrogen infused “miracle water” flows directly from your kitchen tap.

Healthy Shower: A 5 Star Spa Right At Home With AromaC Healthy Shower Head

Aroma C Shower Head

Have you always wanted to have you very own Spa in your home? Well, now you can. That is what the Aroma C Shower Head gives you – A 5 Start Spa experience right at home.

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Shower Filter To Remove Chlorine. Enjoy Safe and Healthy Shower

Hexagon Shower Filter

Hexagon Active Water Shower Filter removes chlorine from water. It is crucial that chlorine is removed as it is a toxic chemical that damages skin, causes dry skin and dry hair.

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Basin Filter - Use It For Chlorine Free Face Wash

Hexagon Basin Filter

Basin filter. Not many realize the importance of a chlorine filter in the bathroom. Many are just concerned about the water we drink. Fact is, we consume 100 times more toxic chemicals in our bathroom than from our drinking water.

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Alkaline Water Filter System For Smart Consumers

Are you a smart consumer?

Yes, you certainly are indeed since you’ve managed to find your way to this “Water Filter Malaysia – Alkaline Water Filter System For Smart Consumers” site.

Everyone requires a clean, safe and healthy water for daily consumption. As a matter of fact, many are willing to spend premium dollars to get the best water filtration system available in the market.

The question is.. Do you really have to pay premium dollars for clean, safe and healthy drinking water?

What if you can save a large amount of that premium dollars for a similar, perhaps even better quality water filtration system?

How much did your friend, neighbor, or relative say they spent for a water filter system? Probably around RM1500 – RM2000 or USD450 – USD600.

That’s just the initial investment. How about the annual filter replacements? Those will probably costs around RM200 – RM300 or USD55 – USD100 each. How many of them filter units do you have to change annually? Five? Six? Yes, they certainly add up to the total cost of ownership.

What All Home Water Filters Have In Common

Do you know what a water filter really does? A water filter system provides you with:

  • Bacteria free water.
  • Toxin and chemical free water.
  • Mineral filled water.
  • Oxygenated water
  • Small molecule water.
  • Energetic, healthy, and clean water.

The above are simply the most basic function of all water filter systems.

Do all water filter give you all the above? They certainly do. A small number of them will provide a couple of extra features such as hexagonal water and slightly alkaline. These are considered top of the line water filter systems, just like the Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System. They are the ones most people pay top dollars for.

Not you, because you’re smarter than most people. You are here and you want to save your precious dollars and still get the best drinking water for your family.

If they all do the same thing (more or less), then why do some costs so much? They costs more because of how they are marketed. The number of middle men the product have to go through before it reaches the consumer also takes a toll on the price.

As a consumer to those high end water filters, you are actually paying premium price for all those marketing and middlemen costs. Well, today you don’t have to.

The Best Home Water Filter With Value For Your Money. Get Healthy Water and A Healthy Wallet!

Did I mention that you are probably among the few smart consumers around? Allow me to congratulate you for being smart. We really have to be smart these days. Especially during these hard economic times.

The smart way to spend today would be to get your hands on a home water filter system that gives you the best value for your hard earned dollars. The Hexagon™ Alkaline Water Filter is just the thing for you.

It gives you the top of the line filtered drinking water quality at just a fraction of the cost. You will not only save during the initial investment. You will also save in maintaining the water filtration unit. As with the initial cost, the cost of any one of the filter is also just a fraction of what the others are charging.

Basically, with Hexagon™ Water System, your total cost of ownership is truly very low. Yet, you are getting really safe and healthy drinking water for your family consumption. You get what every other premium water filter gives and more.

The Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen System truly gives you the best value for your money.

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Well, now you know that you really don’t need to spend large amounts of money for a water filter system.You SAVE more than RM800 or USD250 with the Hexagon. That’s only during the beginning. you will save more over the years from the maintenance cost of the unit. What can you do with the extra savings of  RM800 or USD250?

If you are still not convinced about the quality of Hexagon™ Alkaline Water, do continue your reading further.

Do you know that

Boiled Tap Water Is A Threat To Your Health?

Fact: There are 120 river basins in Malaysia. Out of that, only 59 are relatively clean enough to become a source of water supply.

To ensure our tap water supply is bacteria free, chlorine is used to treat the water. The idea here is to prevent water related diseases from spreading.

Tap water, thus, is safe from disease causing bacteria. However, the truth is, chlorinated water is still NOT safe for our health!

Yet, we are all exposed to chlorinated water in our daily lives.

Find out what a few experts have to say about drinking chlorinated water over at the right side of this page.

Are You Drinking Dead Water?

Your health and longevity depend on the answer to the question above.

As usual, in nature, nothing is created equal. The same is also true with water. Water hydrates your cells. They do so at different rates.

Living water is best at hydration. It penetrate cells with relative ease. As it  does so, bodily functions are enhanced tremendously.

Dead water, on the other hand, needs reformation and revitalization prior to being used and consumed by your body.

Doctors and researchers have determined that drinking living water improves health and longevity but drinking dead water allows cells to dehydrate.

In order to benefit from all that water can offer – trim healthy body, radiant skin, energetic, and full life, you are recommended to drink Living Water. Living Water is water that is:

  • Clean and pure
  • Full of Energy
  • Infused with Oxygen
  • Rich with Nutrients
  • pH-balanced to match your body fluids
  • Molecularly structured in small hexagonal clusters

Very few people will ever get to drink pure, fresh, energized and clustered water from natural streams and glacial reservoirs because man has dirtied and degraded almost every natural supply on earth. Fortunately, we now have Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water System!

Bring Back the Goodness of Living Water with Clean and Health Enhancing π-Water From The Best Home Water Filter

With Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that you and your family are drinking totally pure water that has all the wonderful life-enhancing goodness that nature intended.

The Hexagon™ System provides π-Water which is considered the most ideal water for the body.

Movement and exposure to the sun, natural magnetic fields, rocks and soil are what give water energy, oxygen, minerals and a mysterious molecular structure made up of small hexagonal clusters.

Your options are clear now!

You know you need a good and proven water filter system.

You know that the current top water filter systems are all basically giving you the same safe and healthy water to drink.

You also know how much they all costs.

You now have the option of getting Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filter System that gives the Best Value For Your Money.

At the moment, we are giving you even more value for your money.

The time to get the Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water System is now!

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  • ~ Dr. Sherry Rogers, Author – Detoxify or Die

    "Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste... After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I'm convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative"

  • ~ Dr. Theodore Baroody, Author – Alkalize or Die

    "I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water benefits"

  • ~ US Council of Environmental Society

    "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain"

  • ~ US Environmental Protection Agency

    "People who drink water containing Trihalomethane in excess of EPA standards over many years may experience problems with their liver, kidneys or central nervous system, and ...  increased risk of getting"

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